Takadoi Kazuhito


Inspired by the rich woodland surrounding his birthplace of Nagoya, Japan, Kazuhito grows and hand picks grasses, leaves and twigs from his garden, sowing each blade through the paper. As the grasses dry and mature they embark on a subtle colour shift, comparative to seasonal change. For Kazuhito, his work is a collaboration with Nature, taking materials that Nature offers and with them he tries to convey aspects or moments of it. Nature is ephemeral and his aim in a way is to interrupt the natural process of decay. With his works, he steps in to halt that decay. His inspiration comes from many places: an unusual rock formation, a twisted tree branch, clouds in the sky. Nature is just full of inspiration. It is then a matter of matching the material to an idea.

Kazuhito does not work in textiles in a conventional way. However he appropriates techniques used in textiles to make pieces that resemble tapestries. This interest began when working in a garden, when he started to use grasses and twigs to make cards and small objects. Kazuhito uses green and red grass which he leaves to grow to be tender enough to manipulate. He then uses the blades to stitch through washi paper, embroidering organic forms. The blades emerge from the work, as flowers or urchins, projecting shadows onto the backgrounds which, many times, have gold leaf to make the contrast stronger. The grass is also exquisitely stitched to define a shape or a contour. The grasses will change with time, maturing to become golden and natural in colour.

Kazuhito is always experimenting with shapes, techniques and materials, such as different woods, grasses or different linen twine. He is also open to collaborations with other artists. But mainly it is the diversity of Nature which guides and inspires his works.