Kinoshita Seiko

"Positive concepts derived from everyday life and nature influence my work. Nature has always inspired me. Its form, colour, sound, taste, texture excite and sometimes frighten me. I feel there is nothing equal to its magnificent power and pure beauty. The challenge to design alongside the power of nature will continue. I intend to create my works to present a moment of peace to a viewer who lives in our hectic world and to push the boundaries of textiles being perceived as craft.

In my BA, I had an experience to try many different art forms, but I really liked textiles for the freedom to create my own colours, texture, and form using different materials and techniques. Also I had a great influence from my BA tutor who introduced me to many textiles from all over the world, and taught me the world is bigger than I have seen.

I love the absolute craftsmanship in Japanese textiles. They often look very simple and subtle, but simplicity appeals to us time and time again and never gets boring. Also I like the way those simple designs often represent nature, season and times. I recently started to work with other artists, scientists and other professionals in collaborative works. The collaboration is very much a time consuming process but I always learn something new and the end result is something I never expected. I would like to create more Public Arts using robust materials with my textile sensibility and attention to detail."