Jacqui Carey

Out Now: Samurai Redressed (E-Book)

Although Jacqui's work stems from the traditional, it is the creative possibilities that inspire most of her braids. The braiding process, with its aesthetics and sense of continuity, is an integral part of Jacqui's work. The joy of making is enhanced by exploring a wide range of materials and playing with structure, colour and pattern.

Whilst attending a foundation course at Winchester School of Art, Jacqui discovered that weaving combined her love of mathematics and art. This led to a BA (Hons) degree in Textiles at West Surrey College of Art and Design, which she completed in 1985. The course covered a wide range of processes, including braidmaking, which started her passion.

Jacqui's father traveled for work, and she found the little things he bought back from Japan beguiling...coins, stamps, a sake bottle. This early love was affirmed at "The Great Japan Exhibition" at the Royal Academy in the early 1980s, and aspects of the Japanese style have continued to influence her work.

She has always been fascinated by the culture and history of braids, and her research work has provided a resource for inspiration, exhibition and publication. Aiming to pass on some of her skills to a wider audience, Jacqui's next book is 'Samurai Redressed: The identification, documentation and re-construction of armour braids'.